Medical tourism - the process of "leaving home" for treatments and care abroad or elsewhere- is an emerging phenomenon in the health care industry. Broadly speaking, medical tourism is the act of traveling to obtain medical care. As patients are exposed to greater financial burdens resulting from higher co-payments and price transparency efforts, they are likely to seek low cost treatments abroad. The safety and quality of care available in many offshore settings is no longer an issue. People who travel abroad look for safety, quality, and accreditation certification.

India has become a hot spot for medical tourism. The costs in Indian hospitals are affordable. Indian medical tourism offers superlative medical care and facilities.The average cost for a procedure in India is just 20 to 35% of the cost for the procedure in USA, UK, and EU. All the medical treatments and investigations are done using technologically advanced diagnostic equipments. As a result of this many medical tourism companies in India have emerged. They impart their best services to their potential customers. These companies have experience in the medical tourism process and are able to address any concerns or questions that patients might have. They often provide assistance with logistics and travel arrangements. Patients may even be able to get lower rates from medical facilitators than directly from clinical programs abroad.

Over the past few years many medical tourism companies in India have popped up. It is the facilitator's job to repackage the medical provider's service offering, make it more appealing and then guide the medical traveler along the medical tourism process.

Accreditation is particularly important because it can give consumers and employers a level of confidence that the services provided are comparable to those available in the USA. The common accreditations are JCI, Trent, NCQA, ISO, ESQH, ISQUA, and Netherlands Institute for Accreditation of Hospitals. Many hospitals in India have JCI Accreditations. Also other destinations for medical treatment where people travel is Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, CostaRica are few countries for their medical travel. These countries also have accredited hospitals and all other facilities that can make them the best option for medical treatment. Medical tourism companies in India also facilitate the medical travelers to travel to these countries according to their choice, depending on the kind of treatment and price for.

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