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Centre for Knee & Hip Surgery (CKHS), at Baroda is probably the only unit in India, which addresses the entire range of knee-related problems and offers patients need-based solutions. It has the complete range of treatment facilities for knee & Hip problems starting from non-operative solutions to the minimally invasive arthroscopic surgical technique extending upto complex procedures like knee and hip replacement surgery and Revision knee & hip replacement surgery.

Situated at Race Course Circle, a prime location in Baroda, Centre for Knee & Hip Surgery is easy to access. The distance of this hospital is about 2.5 kms from railway station, 3 kms from G.S.R.T.C. bus station and 5 kms from the airport.

This clinic is perhaps the only one of its kind in the entire country to focus just on the knee and hip joint. The benefits of having such a clinic are plenty. Some of them are :-

  • Under a single roof, a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art infrastructure is available for anything and everything to do with knee and hip related problems. The Centre is able to invest in the best and the latest possible electronic instrumentation systems for knee & hip surgery which are available in the world, as it just focuses on these joints . It would otherwise be very difficult, if not impossible, to keep on pumping money for updating every area of orthopaedics."
  • The operative environment is not contaminated, as we do not have other multispeciality work. If, in the same operation theatre area, different body parts are opened, then the air will always be laden with germs that may cause infection of the knee or hip joint.
  • Infection is the most important cause of compromised result after a successful joint replacement surgery. Our operation theatre thus scores over other multi speciality hospitals due to above reasons.
  • At the manpower level, our nursing staff, physiotherapists, and all other concerned people acquire an extremely high level of competence because of repetitive work of the same nature.

The Centre for Knee & Hip Surgery has established itself as a prime centre for medical tourism in India. We have patients coming from U.K., U.S.A., Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Australia, Newzeland, Panama Canal, Mauritius, Fiji Islands & the Middle East countries. These patients include foreigners and not just Non Resident Indians.

  1. Orthopaedics
  2. Physiotherapy
  3. Clinical research
  4. Anaesthesiology

  • For repair of damaged cartilage
  • For removal of loose bits of cartilage and bone
  • To drain infected or excess synovial fluid
  • For reconstruction of torn ligaments.

An arthroscopy is a pencil-sized fiberoptic instrument attached to a small camera viewer that is used to look inside the joint. During surgery, special slim instruments are passed to remove bits of bone and cartilage from the joint cavity, drain excess synovial fluid, or repair small tears in the meniscus, a pad of special rubbery cartilage in the knee. The arthroscope is inserted through a very small incision, which leaves little scarring.

This surgery does not require general anesthesia, and is done under local anaesthesia. It does not involve any blood loss. This is an advanced form of surgery and requires a very high level of costly instrumentation system. There are very few centres in India with a proper set-up offering this service.

May be an option when Osteoarthritis involve a single, weight-bearing compartment of the knee joint.

  • To correct deformities by selective trimming away of bone
  • Improves joint alignment
  • Generally preferred for young, active patients
Osteotomy literally means "bone cutting". Even slight bone deformities can put pressure and strain on joints, and contribute to Osteoarthritis. The deformity is corrected by removing or adding triangular wedges of bone. Osteotomy can be useful in preventing deterioration of joints with Osteoarthritis due to a preexisting deformity such as bow legged ness. Osteotomy is generally preferred for young, active patients.

Uni Condylar knee Replacement
This is a form of surgery which is useful in a particular category of patients where a small part of the knee joint is affected by wear and tear and the rest of the joint is well preserved. When applicable, this surgical procedure can be offered to the patient with the advantage of much reduced cost and relatively quick functional recovery. Only a small part of the knee surface is replaced in this procedure.

Revision Total Knee Replacement
Although less commonly required, sometimes, the knee which has already been replaced earlier might need another procedure. This is called Revision Total Knee Replacement. It requires much more precision of surgical technique, a high level of instrumentation system and experience in this particular form of surgery.
Centre for Knee Surgery does all the above category of surgical procedures on a regular basis and the total number of patients treated with surgical procedures related to the knee would exceed seven thousand. This has built up a very high experience and expertise level for the team members starting from nursing staff, operation theatre assistants, surgeons, physiotherapists and others.

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